Selected works

Expanded Cinema / 2023 / 16mm to 2k / Stereo / 2-channel / 53'

A two-channel film installation, immersing  in the memories of TRAVIS (33). He wanders through the Canadian rockies firing volley’s of arrows into dead treestumps. Over and over again. A strange rhythmic loop reveals itself.

Blue Light - Memories from a Paramedic
Documentary /  2022 / Omroep HUMAN / 15’ 
A paramedic with 23 years of experience looks back on moments when he provided help the impact the years have had on him. “You see things that are difficult to get off your retina. I pull up pictures like a slide projector. Sometimes from 10 or 15 years ago. Pictures, images. It looks like they are a bit burned into your lens.” 

Silent Tears

Documentary / 2023 / EOdocs / 30'

The living room of a Limburg couple is packed with statues of saints crying over all the bad news on their TV screen. While hardly anyone believes them, the two “little prophets” are prepping for the fact that their rented house will soon turn into an international place of pilgrimage, including a healing spring. Gradually, the question arises whether it is really so crazy that it is in the home of these people, that Mary cannot hold back her tears.*As cinematographer

De Analist

Documentary / 2024 /  Omroep HUMAN / In Development

Documentary / 2017 / VPRO / 23’

(Dutch) Heen  en weer geslingerd tussen depressie en euforie is David Brown (29) in  de zoveelste psychiatrische instelling beland. ‘Bang voor de dood, en  bang om te leven’, zoals hij zelf zegt. ‘Wat moet je dan?’
Met verhalen en humor probeert hij de gekte op afstand te houden.

The Structure Of Appearance

Expanded Cinema / 2024 / In Development
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